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Zoo Life – Part 2


Photo Courtesy: Cousin Bonnie

Hi Everybody,

Welcome back! This is my second post about the Mysore zoo. This time I went with my cousin and her friend. We saw lots of activity. There were pregnant Leopard moms that were so ready to give birth. We also saw a very sick Zebra that needed to be tranquilized in order to be treated. But today I want to share about Asiatic Lions and the One-horned Indian Rhinoceros.


Asiatic lions are very different to African lions because African lions are much bigger than Asian lions and they have more color and they eat more. I think that Asian lions look less stronger. Here are 3 things about the AsiaticLions.

  1. Asiatic lions live in the middle east of India, in the Gir National Forest.
  2. They are very low in number and  “endangered,” which means very close to being extinct in the wild. (I read it in the zoo)
  3. Did you know that there is a World Lion Day that is celebrated on August 10th

Well, that was a little bit about the Asiatic Lions. The next animal is kind, friendly, cute and sometimes, fierce.


Rhinos are very scary but the ones I saw in the zoo were kind and playful. They actually came up to their care taker and were being fed by him. They had been vaccinated that morning and were a little wounded as well.

  1. Rhinos live in Africa, India, Indonesia and Malaysia in swamps and rain forests. The one in the zoo were the Indian One-Horned Rhino.
  2. Rhinos have shields on them and they eat bananas & leaves and they use their lips to get their food.
  3. Rhinos have poor eyesight but great sense of hearing and smell.