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Adventures in Jamestown, Virginia

My new aunt, Amialya, loves history and took my family to a historical place called Jamestown in Virgnia where they recreated a Powhattan Indian Village and the early English settlement from the London Company. Here are some pictures that I took to tell the story of Jamestown. jamestown

IMG_5730Three Ships: Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery set sail from London on December 20, 1606 and reached Jamestown, VA on May 13, 1607.

In this picture a lady dressed as a crew member on Godspeed was holding a love mug; a mug that has three handles so people can share hot soups, wine or other beverages with each other. The crew stored all the food and drinks in barrels.

cornWe also saw a Powhattan Indian Village. The Powhattans lived there before the settlers came. They showed the settlers how to grow corn by adding fish to enrich the soil. The corn they grew had different colours like red, orange, yellow and purple. The Powhattan women would pound the dry corn to  make flour and bake bread.

The Powhattan Indians use the skin of any animal they kill or hunt, like sheep, fox, deer, or raccoon, by scraping them with shells. These skins are used to make bags or worn to help them stay warm.

FullSizeRender animl skin

Using shells, the Powhattan men burn and scrape a tree to make it into a boat.

amialya boat boat

I liked the journey back in time. It was interesting to see how they lived back then. The best part was feeling the skin of all the animals; some were soft and others were prickly. If you get a chance, visit Jamestown and tell them you are a Pirate and share your story with me.