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The One and Only Ivan – Review

My dad and I read the book The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Ivan, a Silverback Gorilla at the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade, was brought there as a baby.

My dad asked me to analyze each character in the story and learn more about it. For example, I found Stella to be a patient elephant. So, I did a research project on patience and how marmoset monkeys are more patient than tamarin monkeys.

Ivan FInal


We also found 4 themes in the book.

Theme 1 – Ivan’s loneliness.

I thought that Ivan longed for a family.

  1. That Ivan wanted his friends and family back
  2. Ivan was so sad that he let his emotions control him
  3. Ivan was so scared that he would not have any more friends

Theme 2 – Ivan’s Care for Ruby

I thought Ivan loved Ruby and was patient with her

  1. Ivan missed Stella, the elephant, so he had to take care of the new arrival, the baby elephant, Ruby
  2. Ivan promised Stella something so he has to keep his promise
  3. Ivan was so responsible for Ruby

Theme 3 – Bob, the dog, was a good friend to Ivan

I thought of my friends and how important it is to have good friends

  1. The story tells that Bob likes Ivan and they are best friends
  2. They used to watch TV together
  3. Bob likes to cuddle up and warm up next to Ivan

Theme 4 – Freedom

Ivan wanted to be free in the forest and I wanted him to get out of the glass box and live his dream

  1. Ivan liked it when he was free and could play with his sister
  2. Then he went to Mack’s house and liked it a bit. He had more freedom than at the mall.
  3. In the end, he didn’t have full freedom cause he was caged for so long. But he liked Kinyani and liked running in the fields.

I liked the story because it had a lot of interesting things about a gorilla. My favorite part of the story was when Julia and Bob went to meet Ivan at the new place. It was a good book to read because the story slowly introduces the each character, and builds on how they interacted as friends.



Dogs and Cats

Dogs hate cats

And cats hate dogs

But they love to play

Sometimes rough,

Sometimes play fight

But sometimes I see they are sad

I wonder why?

Because the sky is so high


Let us enjoy the spirit of cats and dogs

They could be joyful,

beautiful and cute

And we should notice

that they are sweet

And cause no harm


When they walk outside as

packs and clowders

I see the playfulness in them

They are saying that they care for us.


INSPIRATION: On our street, we have lots of stray dogs and cats. I watch them connect with each other. I see them happy and enjoying themselves, but some people think they are violent. This poem shows my views of how cats and dogs can bring something better.


My First Poem


visit of the sun - 3

The Visit of the Sun

Everyday we line up outside

We gather together and sing

As we start the national anthem

The sun from his home does spring

I see him smiling down on us

Quietly listening

Just waiting to shower the day

With his warm and glorious blessing


visit of the sun - 1This is the simple 8-line poem that I wrote for my English class. I enjoy seeing the sun come out when we stand outside for assembly in the mornings and I imagine that it is coming just to hear us sing and pay it’s respect to the national anthem. So when my mom asked me what I find most interesting, I thought of my moments in the sun each morning.


Dog Tales – Hundreds & Hundreds of Wags

By Crazy Critter Diya



Today I am reviewing -(which means telling you a little bit about something) a story in my textbook called, Hundreds and Hundreds of Wags by Santhini Govindan. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Also, if you have a dog, post a picture of you and your dog in the comments.