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My First Abstract Art

Hi everyone,

I did this art work  and I will tell you more about it.


This is what I drew when my dad was out at a meeting. I really do not know what it is but I say that the picture is a sky and then water. which is black and red.

First, I thought that it will be messy then I started to put colours.  Then it became fascinating as I drew it.  I thought it is something I have never done before and it was awesome.  I hope you could also try to do it if you can and add some colours.

I drew this because I felt bored and I chose these colours because I wanted it to be dull, not bright.  And because I was bored I thought that maybe using dull colours might be exactly the same as my emotions.  And it is very important to put your emotions in your art as that every one will understand your feelings and what you felt.  This will help people understand why you did that art.

Now, after completing it, I feel very happy seeing it and I am proud of my own self that I did it because it brings joy to me when I see it.  I do not know what I would feel if I hadn’t done it.

But now I know I feel joy because it has almost every emotion I experience.  The waves and the swirls brings the emotions.  It makes me feel perfectly sad.




TB Butterfly

Art & Activity – Rachna Sagar

At art class we use Art and Activity Book by Rachna Sagar publications where we coloured a Butterfly. On the same page there was an interesting fact that caught my eye. I learnt that that a butterfly known as the Brimstone butterfly has the longest lifespan of about 9 – 10 months. This got me thinking about butterflies.

1. Last year I learnt the life cycle of a butterfly: From an egg comes a larva or caterpillar which then forms a cocoon and turns into a pupa and after the incubation period it becomes a butterfly

2. We use our tongue to taste food. But a butterflies taste receptors are found on their feet.

3. Butterflies can see the colours red, green and yellow! Unlike my dogs who are red-green colourblind and can only see yellow, blue and gray.

Butterflies are not just pretty to look at. There is a lot of scientific stuff we can learn about butterflies and I’m going to keep reading more.

I drew the picture from my art book using a cup to create the head and the body. You can try drawing your own butterfly and post it in the comments.

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