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Dogs and Cats


Dogs hate cats

And cats hate dogs

But they love to play

Sometimes rough,

Sometimes play fight

But sometimes I see they are sad

I wonder why?

Because the sky is so high


Let us enjoy the spirit of cats and dogs

They could be joyful,

beautiful and cute

And we should notice

that they are sweet

And cause no harm


When they walk outside as

packs and clowders

I see the playfulness in them

They are saying that they care for us.


INSPIRATION: On our street, we have lots of stray dogs and cats. I watch them connect with each other. I see them happy and enjoying themselves, but some people think they are violent. This poem shows my views of how cats and dogs can bring something better.


Author: critterbug

Hi, my name is Diya and I'm in 5th Standard. I started the blog when I was in 3rd Standard because I wanted to share my adventures in learning with you. I love learning about nature and animals. I want to make sure we don't hurt our surrounding or kill our animals. So come along with me and see what I'm learning today.

3 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats

  1. Dear Critterbug, You’ve been silent for a long time. I learned a new word today- clowder. Who knew? I’m so sad to hear that there are so many cats and dogs on the road in front of your house. How come no one will adopt them? Maybe you can adopt one. I love how you enjoy the beauty in everything.

  2. I love your poem, and you are absolutely right. Animals, especially cats and dogs, are such loving creatures. My dogs show me they care about me every day. By the way, I love your profile picture with that adorable little furball. 😉

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