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Lessons in Safety

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Safety is important for everyone. Getting into trouble is not always fun. We always hear our parents saying, “No playing with knifes, or no touchin medicine bottles or taking medicine on your own.” The one that I hate the most is, “Don’t hurt your brother.”

So we’re learning about safety in school in our Science and Environment class. And I got to read and learn a lot of new and interesting things about Electrical Safety and Road Safety.

Fun Facts about Electricity

  • Did you know we can get electricity from fossil fuels (Coal and oil), water, wind, the sun, and even animal poop!
  • Benjamin Franklin proved that lightening is a form of electrical energy
  • Electricity always tries to find the fastest way to the ground



I made a chart on how to be safe inside our home. Here are some examples:

  1. Don’t led leads from electrical outlets trail across the floor
  2. Don’t stick your fingers or any object in the electrical sockets
  3. Don’t put wet hands into a socket or switches
  4. Don’t leave wires around the bathroom
  5. Never put lit candles on top of electrical things
  6. Don’t leave your drinks on top of electrical appliances
  7. Never stick anything inside a toaster
  8. Make sure an adult uses an RCD (Residual Current Device) with garden electric tools
  9. Always wipe your hands dry before entering the house and touching switches

If you want to learn more about it, check out Switched On Kids. They have lots of cool information for teachers and parents too. Talking about parents, here’s a video on electrical safety that remind grown ups on how to be safe.



We share our roads with millions of peThe Ministry of State for Surface Transport in India administers the national highway system, and state highways and other state roads are maintained by state public works departments.ople. We need to take care of our roads, keep them clean and also learn from safety rules that will help protect us and everybody else who are using it.

IMG_20140630_171431Fun Facts of Roads in India

  • There are a total of 137,712 kms of road in India
  • The highways are maintained by The Ministry of State for Surface Transport
  • City roads are maintained by Public Works Department (PWD)

Some of the safety tips I learnt are:

  1. Always cross when you can see what is coming
  2. Look both sides and listen before crossing the road
  3. Always buckle up safely
  4. Always stay buckled up, awake or a sleep
  5. Always wear your helmet when you’re riding a bike or a wheeled toy

For more tips and classroom fun on road safety, check out Kids and Traffic


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Hi, my name is Diya and I'm in 5th Standard. I started the blog when I was in 3rd Standard because I wanted to share my adventures in learning with you. I love learning about nature and animals. I want to make sure we don't hurt our surrounding or kill our animals. So come along with me and see what I'm learning today.

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