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Doing Math with Family

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Hi everyone, today I will be doing my third lesson called Doing Math with Family. I learnt about Place Value of numbers.
Before learning about Place Value, I have to count the number of DIGITS. Suppose the number is 506, then it is a three-digit number.

Here is an example of counting digits:


Every number has a value called ONES, TENS, HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS, etc.  To know place value of a number, I created the Height Order Test.

I use my family members to help me with the place values. The shortest is my bother and he represents the ONES. I am next, so I represent the TENS, My mother is taller than me and she represents the HUNDREDS. Since my dad is the tallest, he will represent THOUSANDS

Just as my dad is the tallest, the THOUSANDS is the largest place value. It is bigger than the HUNDREDS, TENS and ONES
And just as my brother is the smallest, the ONES has the smallest value. Also, there are no values smaller than ONES.

Here’s a picture to show you the place value.





I also found a cool game that helped me understand greater than, less than, and equal to. It’s called Hacker, by PBS Kids. Have fun playing it!

Hope you enjoy the game. If you have more fun facts about Number Sense and Place Values, do share with me in the comments section. Let’s learn together!


Author: critterbug

Hi, my name is Diya and I'm in 5th Standard. I started the blog when I was in 3rd Standard because I wanted to share my adventures in learning with you. I love learning about nature and animals. I want to make sure we don't hurt our surrounding or kill our animals. So come along with me and see what I'm learning today.

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