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Dog Tales – Hundreds & Hundreds of Wags


By Crazy Critter Diya



Today I am reviewing -(which means telling you a little bit about something) a story in my textbook called, Hundreds and Hundreds of Wags by Santhini Govindan. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Also, if you have a dog, post a picture of you and your dog in the comments.


Author: critterbug

Hi, my name is Diya and I'm in 5th Standard. I started the blog when I was in 3rd Standard because I wanted to share my adventures in learning with you. I love learning about nature and animals. I want to make sure we don't hurt our surrounding or kill our animals. So come along with me and see what I'm learning today.

4 thoughts on “Dog Tales – Hundreds & Hundreds of Wags

  1. Hello Diya,

    I was so interested in listening to your review of the story ‘Hundreds and Hundreds of Wags’ in your textbook. I am glad that you enjoyed the story – I am the author (or the person who wrote the story) of the story, and like you, I also love dogs! Through the years, I have had many kinds of dogs as pets, and they have brought me immense pleasure, and have given me many ideas for my stories. I really liked the photograph of you with your dogs – all of you look wonderful. I am delighted that you love Nature and animals and are so committed to protecting the environment. We need more young people like you in our world. Good luck to you in all your endeavours. Keep reading and writing!

    • Dear Santhini Auntie,

      I am so glad that you wrote to me. It’s exciting to hear back from the author herself! It makes me want to write more. I wish you can help me become an author too. I am going to tell my English teacher that you wrote me a comment. Yay!! Do post a picture of yourself with your dogs.


  2. I want answers for the story

  3. Good luck to all of the day

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